California Eclectic Living on the Australian Coast, Meet Stylist Mandy Hart

California Eclectic Living on the Australian Coast, Meet Stylist Mandy Hart — decor8

Did you see a room or an object that caught your eye? What was YOUR favorite?

Speaking of favorites, I love to play a game of favorites with my home tour guests on decor8 and Mandy was up for it so here we go. It is possible that you’ll find some new favorites for yourself, too…

Favorite candle/scent:

I’m a huge fan of Palm Beach candles, my favorite is Gardenia – my husband knows that’s always a winner and chooses it every time!

Favorite flowers and plant:

Since moving to Australia, my taste in flowers and plants has completely changed, because I love the range of tropical and native foliage that I can trim from the garden. The house’s high ceilings mean I’m embracing huge branches and long Birds of Paradise stems still seem so exotic to me coming from the UK!

Favorite thing to do at home:

Blast the music and watch my kids dance like crazy around the lounge!

Favorite meal to cook:

I used to live in Japan and became totally hooked on sushi, so we make it a lot at home and the kids adore it too.

Favorite playlist songs:

Favorite way to entertain guests:

Good question, we cook! In summer, I’ll make a few huge salads (a Sri Lankan eggplant one is our current fave), my husband will BBQ & friends will bring dessert … we open the gate to the creek at the bottom of the garden and the kids will all run free looking for sand crabs, fishing and taking turns in the kayaks. In winter, we’ll light the fire and I’ll prepare a couple of fish pies, which I always find so comforting and a real taste of home, everyone pulls up a chair, we put a movie on for the kids and we keep it pretty casual!

Favorite city to shop:

Paris forever. As a child, my mum took me there each year for the fashion shows and I have so many happy childhood memories of the Left Bank and going out to Les Puces (flea-markets) at Porte de Clignancourt. Bliss!

Favorite Instagram accounts at the moment:

@amberinteriors – Amber Lewis is an incredible inspiration to me, as a woman, as a designer and as an entrepreneur, she is always moving forward and pushing boundaries.

@eholmes – a former Wall Street Journal reporter, voices her SMT (So Many Thoughts) on the Royal Family, in particular Meghan and Kate, discussing the branding, strategy & messaging behind their wardrobe choices in a relevant and hilarious way.

@mariefeandjakesnow – Aussie guy and German girl whose love and openness has seen their travel account inspire a community of half a million in under 3 years. Their photos are stunning, their stories are gorgeous to watch and their vision of the world is uplifting.

@cestedesign – Carol is a supremely talented interior designer, with the most incredible eye for detail

@carlaypage – Carley Summers is a gifted photographer and stylist – her use of natural light is phenomenal and her style is a thoroughly elegant combination of warm tones & boho layers.

Thank you so much Mandy for joining us on decor8 today, was a pleasure to “meet” you and I wish you a lovely and inspiring weekend – and to all of my readers, enjoy your weekend too!

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